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Our Recent Work


Vphone is a revolutionary concept launched by VAS infocom services to change the way of doing business by using most effective tool of telephony. Vphone works on cloud telephony platform . with Vphone virtual number you can greet your customer professionally ,Record your all calls , maintain database,track your enquiry, never miss a call which may be potential lead for you.

G2M Market

G2M platform provides a range of unified communication applications helping businesses establish their brands, grow customer base, engage customers across multiple channels cost effectively. Now, improve your business effectiveness by moving your sales, marketing and support operations to the cloud through our comprehensive telephony integrated automation solutions.


DrivesU.com provides services of professional drivers who are well behaved and always on time. Hire a driver for your car for few hours, full day or for an out-station trip. We often face a situation where we have a car but nobody knows driving or we go to a party and as a good citizen do not want to do drunken driving, so here is the solution for all of us DrivesU.com. Hire a driver from DrivesU.com for few hours or full day or for a out-station trip.


Gizmocooks.com is an integrated food and appliance website that aims at highlighting the “joys” of appliances in everyday cooking. So whether you are looking to buy an appliance or simply wish to understand how to effectively use the ones you have….gizmocooks is your one stop solution! What’s more…. Get inspired to don your chef’s cap and get cooking with our simple recipes using off the shelf ingredients (usually available in most Indian kitchens) and accurate cooking times customized to various models across brands.


NETSE is a one-stop online grocery shop for all your household needs including Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries, Personal care products and much more at the best prices guaranteed delivered at your doorstep.


FameofCity.com is a all about famous things from all over the country. The key idea behind this site is to provide information about each and every city of India and also to encourage users to contribute information of their areas. Information includes short description, history, intresting facts, famous things, food, shops, people, places, culture, traditions, festivals, recipies etc..

Cloud RWA

Android Mobiles Phones are currently the most popular and widely used mobile phones in India.This is an android application that focuses on providing effective communication between the resident welfare association and the members of the society. CloudRWA smartphone application is designed to make your RWA even smarter. It bridges the communication gap between RWA and residents in a very smart way.